xRes and ARTS Lab host gigaPixel Workshop

Greg Downing explaining photogrammetry

Greg Downing explaining photogrammetry to David Beining and Jonathan Strawn of ARTS Lab and Ethan Back of IAIA.

ARTS Lab sponsored a gigaPixel workshop led by Greg Downing and Eric Hanson of xRes on July 11-13, 2011. The workshop began with a collecting trip to the Pecos National Park to photograph the ruins and surrounds.

Greg and Eric showed ARTS Lab and IAIA staff metthods for collecting photographic material using various specialized tripods and hand held methods. The photos were then used in a two day workshop covering various methods of using the materials to create stitched gigaPixel images, pointcloud 3D models, and surface terxtures using such tools as PTGui, PhotoFly, Maya, and Nuke.