GigaPixel Workshop July 2011

Hand Made "Unfolded" pano of the Pecos Mission Ruins

Hand Made "Unfolded" pano of the Pecos Mission Ruins

In July 2011, ARTS Lab hosted a gigaPixel workshop with Greg Downing and Eric Hanson of xRes. Crews from ARTS Lab and IAIA attended the three day workshop, and participated in the Pecos Nat’l Mon. shoot and the UNM campus lab time. Greg and Eric demonstrated shooting and post techniques for gigapixel photography, 360 panoramics, photogrammetry, PTGUI and photofly.


Slideshow of the crew at work during the 3 day event.

This slideshow of handmade patchwork panos is in comparison to the much more technical approach taken in the workshop. These images are a human response to a memory of being in a particular place for a certain length of time, taking a collection of shots from one spot. Informed by the motion of a body rather than a tripod, impression and memory as opposed to mathematical tools, these images welcome and explore temporal mismatches and missing sections.

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  1. Panoraview

    Soy un aficionado la fotografia panoramica y he usado en muchisimas ocasiones esta tecnologia para crrear panor√°micas gigapixel. El resutado de la que habeis expuesto en este es muy bueno.

    Sep 27, 2011 @ 3:49 pm