ARTS Lab Participates

Motion 2012, Angelo Libutti

Motion 2012, Speaker Angelo Libutti explains the “spaghetti Principle” of story telling.

ARTS Lab senior artist Hue Walker attended Motion 2012 in Albuquerque Oct. 11-15, as a roving photographer. In that capacity, she created this pano-montage of Angelo Libutti of Digital Domain, speaking in the lovely downtown Albuquerque Kimo Theater. Angelo explained the “Spaghetti Principle,” if it sticks it’s ready, referring to the process of expansion and contraction in the construction of a story and its many possible, useable and/or un-useable elements.

ARTS Lab members David Beining (and son Aidan,) Jorge Ortiz, Jesus Valdez, Adam Davis, Shirley Gallegos, and Hue Walker supported various elements of the conference ¬†from taping and photography to ushering and gophering, and attended portions of the conference, including a 2 day session on Video mapping. The conference incorporated workshops and “ted-type” talks on a wide variety of subjects ranging from technical media making techniques to story creation to keeping one’s spirit and vision intact in the media world.