Institue for American Indian Arts

Consortium for Fulldome and Immersive Technology Development (Award #0917919)


Team Leaders: Ethan Bach, Carlos Peniado



Digital Dome Program

Partners: ARTS Lab
Project Links: Institute for American Indian Arts, Digital Dome @ IAIA Facebook, Digital Dome Blog @ IAIA

Over the past year, the teams from Institute for American Indian Arts(IAIA) and ARTS Lab have built and set up a digital fulldome at IAIA, which is now in operation and being used to train the next generation of dome users how to work with
this new technology.

The IAIA dome is a 24′(7.3152 m) diameter dome that can be positioned at a variety of heights and angles. The most common configurations are a 15º tilted theater setup and a 90º vertical orientation that can be viewed from either a portable scaffold or the mezzanine of the theater space.

The Digital Dome program at IAIA has begun classwork for students to explore the possibilities of this format and to begin producing original material for the Fulldome medium. In June of 2011 the IAIA Dome will be host to an immersive media track of the Santa Fe International New Media Festival, featuring Fulldome content from around the world.