Frontereistxs Collective drops new music video, shot at ARTSLab


This summer, ARTSLab served as the production location for frontereistxs collective, and their music video just dropped! Follow @fronteristxs on Instagram to learn more and watch the video.
“Category is . . . 2069” video is live online!
a project of the House of AN-AESTHESIA”

An abolitionist music video produced by the @fronteristxs collective
In the near future, the ruling classes use surveillance and policing technology to capture people and sterilize them en masse, as populations become superfluous due to robots and artificial intelligence. A band of prisoners figures out how to hack the policing technology (like facial recognition, ankle monitors, mass data-gathering) and begin to organize other prisoners. They break out from behind bars, liberating themselves. The surveillance technologies become time-travel devices and they return to 2023. The House of An-Aesthesia performance is the first time they land into our present.
It’s unclear why they have returned: some may be interested in starting a new life, some come to disrupt the path to the dystopian future, some just want to party…
Michael Lynn Hertz
Kayla Chingada
Katie K. Bouvier
Allison Saint
Producer: fronteristxs collective (hazel batrezchavez, Bernadine Hernández, Martín Wannam, Szu-Han Ho)
Directors: Szu-Han Ho and Martín Wannam
Videographer: Isaiah Watts
Camera: Jay Scribe
Drone: Jacob Williams
Designers: Allison Saint & Taglé “
Category is…2069” Song:
Music Producer: Kazi Beats
Songwriting: Szu-Han Ho and Martín Wannam
Chorus inspired by “Rinse & Repeat” by Riton, Kah-Lo
Vocals: Michael Lynn Hertz, Gemmarhoid, Allison Saint, Taglé, Nino Ricca Lucci, Gabriel Hudson
Talent Manager: Alexandria Zuniga de Dochas
Thank You: Francisco Galarte, Zac Travis, iusti remer-thamert, Ilse Biel, sheri crider, Marlene Tafoya, Valery Estabrook , Stewart Copeland, UNM ARTSLab, High Desert Debris
This project was supported by The MAP Fund.