Artist Jeanie Finlay in ARTSLab


In September 2023 we had the honor of hosting Jeanie Finlay, a world-renowned artist and documentary filmmaker, here at ARTSLab. Jeanie spent a week in New Mexico, funded by her recent Chicken and Egg award (, to further her visual research for her upcoming project that spotlight the marine pollution caused by dredging along the northern English coastline.


ARTSLab Associate Director Stewart Copeland, ARTSLab Manager Valery Estabrook, UNM ART and Ecology MFA Candidate Nancy Dewhurst, and UNM Film student Tyler Sovelove turned the studio into a mad science lab. Armed with a camera, fish tanks, a few lights, and a plethora of common kitchen items, they helped Jeanie explore and invent new ways of and visualizing and capturing this specific kind of water pollution.

Read an interview of Jeanie talking about her last film release “Your Fat Friend,” on which ARTSLab Associate Director also acted as cinematographer!


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