PERC Grant Awarded

We’re thrilled to announce that ARTSLab will be the home for a new large format printer – the Big Rep ONE – which was acquired through a collaborative PERC Grant through Biology, Landscape Architecture, Art, and ARTSLab. The team consists of Catherine Page Harris (Associate Professor, Department of Art, Art & Ecology , and Department of Architecture, Landscape Architecture), Llewelynn Fletcher (co-PI, Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Sculpture), Hannah Marx (Assistant Professor, Biology and Herbarium Curator, Museum of Southwestern Biology), Stewart Copeland (Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Experimental Art and Technology). This semester Catherine Harris will be using the large volume 3D printer in tandem with the LEO 3D Scanner, with help from graduate project assistant Jessica Metz (MFA, Department of Art, Art & Ecology), to print 3D scanned creosote shrubs and grasses to study of the morphological interactions of plants with their microbial environment.

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