Trevor Paglen at ARTSLab

Internationally renowned artist and author, Trevor Paglen, visited ARTSLab September 16 – 20 to record an interview; part of a new body of work to be exhibited in New York next year. 

Paglen, his cinematographer, Daniel Neves, UNM graduate student, Jessica Metz (Art & Ecology), and faculty member, Stewart Copeland (Experimental Art & Technology), constructed a twelve-foot tall, illuminated cube with over 740 square feet of production silks and 20 truss lights. The interview subject sat inside the cube and held a conversation with Paglen through a video feed displayed on a teleprompter (an interview technique pioneered by Errol Morris and often referred to as “the interrotron”).

Trevor Paglen is an artist whose work spans image-making, sculpture, investigative journalism, writing, engineering, and numerous other disciplines. He was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2017. (

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