Free Event: A Line Describing A Cone


The UNM ARTSLab is proud to present two screenings of Anthony McCall’s 1973 avant-garde film,

A Line Describing a Cone
Anthony McCall
16mm Film Projection
30 Minutes
(1973) min

UNM Student-only Screening:
Thursday April 20
5:30 – 6pm
Open to all UNM students

Public Screening:
Thursday April 20
6:30 – 7pm
Open to the general public

“Line Describing a Cone probes the boundaries between film and sculpture, light and dark, materiality and immateriality. By eschewing conventional narrative content it demonstrates film to be, in its simplest form, a durational process, which, coupled with an activation of the viewing experience, liberates the medium from the confines of cinema while foregrounding the temporal as well as spatial conditions of sculpture.” – Christopher Griffin

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ARTSLab is located at: 131 Pine St NE, Albuquerque, NM