Upcoming: Wolf Tones Concerts

JOIN THE JOHN DONALD ROBB TRUST, ARTSLab, and THE DEPARTMENT of MUSIC for a collaborative contemporary audio-visual-musical event on October 27th and 28th. ARTSLab is located at 131 Pine St. NE, in Albuquerque, NM 87106. Both nights will feature an audio-visual analog-hybrid installation by Micah Hood.

FRIDAY, October 27th at 7PM
In collaborating with The New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble has been championing new experimental music since 2016, while collaborating actively with living composers (especially from New Mexico and Latin America) on over 60 world premieres. NMCE Founders Clara Byom and Dalton Harris will be performing a dramatic, technology influenced program on contemporary works making use of their unique abilities to perform on numerous instruments.

SATURDAY, Oct 28 at 7PM
Albuquerque legend Manny Rettinger is reassembling the Chuppers—a band of hybrid electrified instruments played by Liz Rincon, Steven Diaz, and Lauren Valerie Coons. Rettinger will also be joined for sets by Drake Harden and by Jim Prewett who will perform on John Donald Robb’s original vintage Arp.