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The mission of the Arts, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory at the University of New Mexico is to bring together people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints in order to forge new paths of inquiry and expression across the humanities and sciences.  ARTS Lab drives and supports innovative transdisciplinary research relating to new trends and opportunities in media production, gaming, computer graphics and interactive applications.

  • • We believe bringing diverse people together creates the greatest wisdom.
  • • We strive to draw out the intuitive creativity of the scientist and the analytic skill of the artist through collaborative work.
  • • We seek to preserve the unique cultural narratives and regional identities of New Mexico in an increasingly mediated landscape.
ARTS Lab seeks to support innovation and growth in areas such as film, new media, simulation, telehealth, game technology, image processing, scientific visualization, national security applications, and new markets for content. As a center for both technology and the arts, New Mexico provides a dynamic environment for programs that stimulate growth in creative economies. ARTS Lab finds opportunities to cultivate these assets by utilizing a transdisciplinary approach, encouraging ongoing participation across the University of New Mexico campus as well as building on ties with industry, community, and other educational organizations.  We strive to enable community building in digital media in New Mexico and beyond.

Building Connections
A core ARTS Lab goal is to encourage collaborations between the arts and science disciplines. ARTS Lab supports interdisciplinary collaborations involving members from various colleges and departments as well as community and industry participants. Teams are encouraged to produce projects which span the entire process from idea to presentation, whether that be performance, distribution, or marketing.
Partners at UNM

ARTS Lab’s principle partners on the UNM campus include the School of Engineering’s Advanced Graphics Lab (AGL), the Department of Computer Science, the Center for Advanced Research Computing, the College of Fine Arts’ Electronic Arts program, the School of Architecture and Planning and the Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media Program (IFDM).  Principle associated faculty include Assistant Professors Claudia X. Valdes, Pradeep Sen and Joe Kniss, Associate Professor Tim Castillo (also director of ARTS Lab), Professor Thomas Caudell, and Professor Emeritus Ed Angel.


On-going Exploration

We aim to be responsive to the evolving local cultures of New Mexico and see the lessons of history and regional context as relevant to a sustainable future. Among our objectives for future collaborations, the ARTS Lab goals are to:

  • • Promote the exchange of ideas in areas such as climate change, cultural sustainability, and rural health care between the Southwestern U.S. and other communities around the world.
  • • Use new media to support community driven action in building sustainable communities.
  • • Support cutting edge research in health, education and science that uses new media as a transformative agent to allgokkasten enact positive social change.
  • • Serve as a test bed for new media that contributes to the innovative use of social and immersive media in education.


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While ARTS Lab activities take place throughout UNM and the surrounding community, the heart of ARTS Lab is our "Digital Media Garage," a black box space outfitted to support performance, experimentation and research in digital graphics, sound and realtime immersive projection systems. The 'Garage' includes a 15′ diameter hemispheric domed projection surface (the G-Dome), a Vicon Motion Capture system, 30′ x 40′ Green Screen Studio, AV production suite and more. ARTS Lab also supports computer labs in several locations on the UNM campus or affiliated with UNM, including labs in Art, Music, Media Arts, Photography, Theater and Dance, Communication & Journalism and Continuing Education.

ARTS Lab class presenting in Los Angeles at Samitaur Constructs
ARTS Lab class presenting in Los Angeles at Samitaur Constructs

  An interdisciplinary group of UNM students will light up Los Angeles through a public-private partnership between ARTS Lab and Samitaur Constructs, a construction and development firm that’s revitalizing Culver City, California.  Architecture and IFDM students are preparing high-resolution, large-format imagery as part of the cross-listed course “Creating [for] Novel Displays.”   The students working in [...]

“Virtual Void”: Electronic Arts Student Show in the Lab
"Virtual Void": Electronic Arts Student Show in the Lab

The Lab hosted students from Electronic Arts in a showcase of works from Special Projects in Electronic Art (ARTS432, led by Visiting Professor Conor Peterson) and performances from The Art of Transmission (ARTS435, led by Assoc. Prof. Lee Montgomery). The show, titled “Virtual Void” occurred on December 7. See more images from the show and [...]

Christian Pincock Quartet and Tin/Bag Concert @ ARTS Lab
Christian Pincock Quartet and Tin/Bag Concert @ ARTS Lab

The Christian Pincock Quartet and Tin/Bag presented a concert of contemporary jazz at the ARTS Lab black box space Saturday evening Nov. 10, 2012.

Post Music & Audio Seminar presented by thrive!ABQ
Post Music & Audio Seminar presented by thrive!ABQ

February 25, 2012: A half day seminar on audio from dailies to deliverables geared to enable small, independent, low-budget filmmakers to achieve better overall sound in the finished product.

the Arboreal Suite – the Analogous Ensemble – Dan Gottwald
the Arboreal Suite - the Analogous Ensemble - Dan Gottwald

  Dan Gottwald and the Analogous Ensemble performed the Arboreal Suite in the ARTS Lab black box theater in Dec. 2011. The ensemble performed sounds and music in response to guidance from stones being freed from a melting block of ice and falling onto a hollow metal surface. Dan is a grad student of Prof. [...]

“Personal Growth”… IFDM Student Green Screen Shoot
"Personal Growth"... IFDM Student Green Screen Shoot

Working on their final project, a group of IFDM students used ARTS Lab’s green screen and black box facilities to film portions of their main actor’s final showdown with his arch nemesis!…. “Personal Growth”…. Coming soon to a theater near you!

Collaborative work “Re-Form” in process
Collaborative work "Re-Form" in process

Joyce Neimanas, photo faculty emeritus, Jennifer Predock Linnell, dance faculty, and Panaiotis, affiliated faculty and Vladimir Conde Reche, faculty dancer and Avalon Jay, working on a green screen, mocap, tin toy project. The collaboration, entitled “Re-Form,” will be shown at North Fourth on June 10-11, 2011, at 8:00 pm. ARTS Lab student workers Vincent King [...]

Jon Strawn calibrating the iDome
Jon Strawn calibrating the iDome

Jon Strawn calibrating the iDome in prep for the Jared Tarbell event.

Pau Comes del Mazo immersive project
Pau Comes del Mazo immersive project

Pau Comes del Mazo’s immersive media class project. The UNM course is being co-taught by ARTS Lab’s Tim Castillo, director, and David Beining, Director of Immersive Media. Check out this post for his video of his project.   MappingUNM, Pau Comes del Mazo

PFI Slideshow
PFI Slideshow

Research and Development of a new immersive framework